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     May 3, 2016

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     BigDeals Lanka(Pvt)Ltd

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     Enterprise Search Optimization

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About the is Sri Lanka’s one and only exclusive online deals store catering to the household electronic needs of the common consumer.

With the electronic market growing every day; where online security is a concern and time is a valued factor – we bring you the greatest deals/offers on household electronics through one of the most secure online payment methods and even offer Island wide FREE delivery right to your doorstep, within the shortest period. And each of this deal will be backed by a comprehensive company warranty.

While an unmatched range of deals and products to choose from We offer the best and only the genuine deals with no price gimmicks, which We Dare You to Compare!

Project Scope

  • Increase their traffic
  • Optimize the website according too user-friendly.
  • Bring the website on top of search engines.

SriLankan Electronics retailer BigDeals have been in business for the past four years, but their traffic stats seemed to have become stagnant for the past year, with not more than 150-250 visitors per day on the website.


Despite all their efforts to increase traffic, the website was experiencing a decline in sales.

This is where we stepped in. Our website Audit Team comprising of 4 of the best Experts in Conversion Marketing, Google Algorithm Study, and On-page Optimization grouped together to identify what was the core problem of the website.

It wasn’t long before they were able to determine that the website, like most uninformed e-commerce websites, had received close to no industry mentions in the last couple years along with close to no on-page optimization on any of the pages (i.e., the problem of duplicate or thin content on almost all pages). Immediately, our Enterprise Search Team collaborated with the Audit Team and created a functional plan that would help escalate the Website’s traffic and eventually increase the sales figures on the website as well.

The results?

After two months of unparalleled Search Engine Optimization execution and Website Architecture Optimization, the website already started to see an increase in traffic:


This clearly shows that the curse of the Stagnant traffic and low sales was soon coming to an end. From the average of 150-250 sessions per day, the website started experiencing a gradual increase in traffic, moving up to over 1000 sessions on one day in July, closing down to an average of 400-600 Sessions a day.

Even though 600 sessions a day is still not an impressive figure for an Ecommerce Website, the website is on its way to glory. Gradually.

Let’s see what was the cause of the stagnant traffic and low sales, and how we did to fix the situation. To break the process into easily digestible, bit-sized pieces, we have split most actions into three sections:

  1. The Problem – What was the issue that our team found
  2. What We Did – What we did to fix the problem that we found
  3. Why We Did It – Why was our action important for Ecommerce SEO



Setting Canonical URL

The Problem

On doing a quick google search for the number of indexed pages on the website, we found a major problem. Take a look at the screenshot below:


36,200 Pages indexed in Google! Wow! That’s fantastic.

But, Wait!

How can the website have 36,000 Indexed Pages, when it only has close to 200 unique products?

Our experts spotted this mistake within minutes of Auditing the website.

The website was not set up correctly, and therefore it was creating a single page for every combination of category and filter, thereby making thousands of pages with thin and duplicate content.

Thankfully so, the website was not hit by a manual penalty yet. But, it would have been soon. Our team intervened at the right time and immediately got down to action.

What We Did

We implemented the rel= “canonical” tag from all the non-canonical pages to the Canonical Ones, like this:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”Insert Canonical URL Here”>

Manually implementing the tags on all pages was time-consuming, but it was worth the effort.What this does is it redirects all the duplicate pages, to the one and only Canonical Page for the Product, thereby preventing the formation of Duplicate Pages for the products.

For Example:

If you are looking for an HP Laptop on, you can either go to the Brand Page and then go to Laptops and Find your laptop, or You Can Search Through Laptops Category, select your Brand and then go to your preferred laptop.

Without a Canonical URL in place, two separate pages would be created by the website for the same laptop, due to the difference in approach.

With a Canonical URL in place, only one URL will open, irrespective of what filters you apply to reach the product.

The result:


Why We Did It

In simple terminology, Canonicalization refers to a single URL that can be loaded for multiple URLs. When multiple pages are indexed in Search Engines for the same piece of content on a website (most commonly due to the application of filters like Size, Color, Brand, etc.), it creates duplicate and thin content issues on the website.

Search Engines like Google cannot differentiate such websites, from a Content Farm and Penalize the website. Thereby reducing its authority and ability to attract organic viewers.

To get around this nerf, it is essential to apply a Canonical URL for all products and pages that have the multiple variations.  Though Canonicalization doesn’t have a direct impact on Search Engine Rankings, but this technique does help to avoid manual penalties, that can lead to de-indexation of the pages, and sometimes the entire website from the Search Engine Archives.


Social Media Analysis

The Problem

Checking the Social Media Status, we found that the website had received close to no Social Media Mentions or Discussions in the past 6 Months. Industry buzz was a dying trend for

Social Media

Having no mentions in LinkedIn and Google+ is still acceptable for an Electronics Retailer. But, not having any presence on Pinterest, and no buzz is Facebook is a surefire way to kill your sales.

What We Did

Our Social Media Marketing Expert, collaborated with the Content Marketing Team to create a strategy for Facebook and Pinterest. Our aim was to initiate a Pinterest presence and create a Buzz about the offers and products that the website was offering.

The Result of our Strategic Social Media Plan Execution:


Facebook popularity shot up by 1.3K posts, mentions and discussions in 2 Months and Pinterest received over 100 Re-pins. A positive change was already visible.

Why We Did It

We used Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Pinterest with a primary motive to increase the Brand Reputation and Trust amongst the users. With a more active social presence, was present where most of its customers were. This not only increases the brand value but also indirectly affects the conversion rates of the website.


Optimized Category Title Tags

The Problem

As is the case with most Ecommerce Clients, was no different. There Category Title Tags were either missing or unprofessionally written.

What We Did

As there were quite a few categories to deal with, we devised a Template that we would follow for optimizing all the categories. We also used this strategy in this Ecommerce SEO Execution.

The Template we followed was:

Category Name + + Primary Industry Keyword


Why We Did It

Optimizing Category Title Tags, not only gives you a chance to showcase Uniformity on your website, but it also helps you Insert Industry Keyword(s) into the titles, that gets additional traffic to your website. Google does give a slight ranking boost to websites with Optimized Category Title Tags.


Optimized Product Images

The Problem

There was no standard practice for uploading images on the website. Images found, were a mix of high res and low res images in mixed dimensions, giving the website a very unorganized feel.

What We Did

Since the images were a mix of High and Low Resolutions in varied shapes, it was tough for our team to filter the best from the rest. So, we decided to re-upload all the optimized images, since they were only 200.

rank-up ecommerce website

We collected High-resolution images in a particular dimension and then uploaded them with right alt tags and descriptions after Compressing and Optimizing them. This resulted in a neat and clean appearance of the website, and faster loading pages.

Why We Did It

Google loves faster loading websites, and so does everyone else. Besides, faster loading and organized websites are said to have a 7.4% surefire increase in conversions. After all, it all boils down to how fast you can serve the information to the visitor without making him lose interest.


Link Building Strategy

The Problem

Upon conducting a Backlink Profile Analysis on Ahrefs, our Search Engine Optimization Team found that BigDeals had close to no industry backlinks in the past 3 Years.


The Screenshot above is taken from Ahrefs – A Backlink Monitoring Tool trusted by all Digital Marketing Agencies. This screenshot clearly shows the condition of when they came to us. Needless to say, this picture is depressing.

For an Ecommerce Deals Website, 78 Backlinks is as good as nothing.

What We Did

Our team immediately got down to business and made an Industry Outreach Plan that would help improve the Backlink Profile of the website, and also improve its Domain and URL Rating Scores.

After 45 Days of non-stop relationship building and link building, we were able to dramatically improve the Domain Rating and URL rating of


URL Rating went up from 7 to 26, and Domain Rating went up from 25 to 34. Needless to mention, the difference in Indexed Backlinks and Referring Domains is clearly visible.

Why We Did It

We did Link Building for the numerous benefits it entails Apart from Search Engine Optimization benefits. Getting links from popular websites not only increases your search rankings but it also helps build the reputation of your brand.

Not all traffic to your website is from Search Engines; building links helps increase referral traffic from other industry websites. Obtaining high-quality links from reputable online directories will also serve as a source of traffic on auto-pilot to your business.

Lastly, when someone is reading content online, they can quickly spot your website links in the content. When they see your brand being linked to from many websites, they automatically associate your brand with the respective topic or industry they are reading about. This helps build Brand Name, Exposure and Recognition for your brand.

Key Takeaway!

Before executing our eCommerce Torque Plan on the website, they were not ranking for most relevant industry keywords, which were crucial for increasing their traffic from organic search:


As can be clearly seen from the screenshot above, were not getting traffic from any of the most relevant key industry phrases. After the execution of our eCommerce Torque Plan, we conducted a search to compare their Organic Keyword Rank in

Big deals Rank

Our effort in creating new content, and performing activities such as Category Title Optimization, Image Optimization, Link Building, Website Architecture Optimization had paid off and, within a month of execution, went from a “Search-engine-nobody” to driving a quality 400-600 Unique Visitors every day, with only 200 enlisted products on their website. Key players in our team for this project were the Content Development Team, who did a fabulous job at Industry Outreach.

Feedback from :

Bigdeals Feed backWe all have to admit the importance of outsourcing certain things. My expertise and experience do not lie in SEO. Though we are an established company in the country , we do not have an in-house team  with expertise knowledge for SEO.

” We wanted to do an SEO campaign for our website and we got to know about the best SEO company in the country .Extreme SEO had the patience, to not only educate me but walk me through every step of our SEO plan. From the beginning of the plan, they had a smooth flow of execution. And also they are very smart in completing the project on time.And the most important thing is we got more than 200% organic site traffic after the SEO project! Now we know what to do for improving SEO friendliness of the site. “

If you are still wondering how to find a good partner for your SEO plan, contact Extreme SEO since they are a performance driven team and they will educate you about each and everything that you could do for support the SEO plan of your Website.

Preethika  – Executive Digital Marketing
BigDeals Lanka(Pvt)Ltd


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