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About offers the widest range of products ranging from electronics including computers, cameras, phones, tablets and accessories to beauty and personal care products, home and kitchen appliances, furniture, linen, jewelry, toys, books and more. Its services are driven by the need to provide customers a memorable online shopping experience.

Scope :-

  • Boost up their traffic and increase their sales.
  • Bring the keywords on top of search engines.

1200% Boost in Organic Traffic in A Month – Ecommerce SEO Case Study.

1200%_Boost in Organic_Traffic in A Month

SriLanka Based online retailer of electronics, accessories, home care products and anything in between had been getting a fairly decent traffic and stagnant traffic since 2015.

An average of 2500 Sessions a day in the month of May, is quite a figure for an Ecommerce Website.

Jun 19,2016 - Jul 19, 2016

1200% Growth in a Single Month! Now, that is the kind of success we like to see. You can only imagine what this humongous surge in daily sessions did to their sales.

This growth in their traffic and sales was a result of SEO Work that we completed on their website between 6th July – 1st June.

So, you get a clear picture of what the problem was and what happened in the end. Now, let’s get down to how we achieved these results.

It is impossible to cover all parts of our SEO work in the Case Study. However, we will show you most of the parts that can be easily consumed and understood.

All the steps below are broken down into three sections, which is our standard practice during the client education process:

  • The ProblemWhich in this case was low traffic on website and sales.
  • What We Did The steps we took to resolve the problem.
  • Why We Did It Why our process is necessary for their Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization.

Shifting To HTTPs

This was the most obvious move, as their website was running on an HTTP protocol.


The Problem

The website was running on insecure protocol.

What We Did

We shifted it to HTTPS by getting an Entrust Advantage SSL Certificate.

Why We Did It

  1. Back in 2014, Google confirmed SSL Certificates to give a slight organic ranking boost to websites. But, over time we have come to realize that is taking SSL certificates as a strong ranking Signal.
  2. The Padlock Icon with Organization’s Name increases the trust of visitors on the website, thereby having a direct positive effect on the sales conversions as well.
  3. As Ecommerce stores have a variety of ways of collecting user data through forms and submissions during checkout. It is a good practice to encrypt all the information processed on the website.

Here is a link to a blog post we published in 2014. Though it is pretty old, but it has all the information you will need about SSL certificates and Google Ranking Impact.

NOTE: If you are an Ecommerce Business, then you should get an SSL Certificate if you haven’t already applied for it.

Optimized Category Title Tags

The Problem

Most of the category title tags were unprofessionally written by an Intern at

What We Did

According to our Search Engine Research in Sri Lanka, most online surfers are more likely to click on Short and Concise Titles, so we implemented a simple Title Tag Tweak to all the Category Pages.

  • Category Name + Browser Products +


Why We Did It

Since there are a lot of categories to deal with in Ecommerce Websites, it is standard practice to implement a single template across all Category Titles, which not only ensures uniformity but also gives a slight ranking boost to the website.

Optimized Product Descriptions

The Problem

Most products did not have any product descriptions and the ones that had a description, were either too small or duplicate content copied from the manufacturers website.

What We Did

Though it is beyond the scope of our project to write down all the product descriptions for [n] products on the website. However, our content marketing team wrote the descriptions for 150+ leading Products on the website.

All product descriptions written by our team followed a consistent format:




Optimized _Product _Descriptions

Why We Did It

Unless you are aware of Google Panda. It is a Google Algorithm that works to deindex or punish websites that have either duplicate or thin content in their pages. When its first iteration rolled out in 2011, thousands of Ecommerce Websites were deindexed overnight. That means they were banished from the Search Engines, making their existence perpetually useless.

Take a look at the traffic drop from a website hit by Google Panda:


Nothing has changed since then, and Google continues to punish websites that have “Panda” issues. So it is safe to say that no matter how many products or pages you have on your website. If you are not creating original content for your pages, it might be time to rethink your strategy. (We offer custom Content Writing Packages for Ecommerce Websites to help clients fix their Website Content and make it 100% Original).

Apart from the Google Penalty Issues, A product with a well-organized description is more likely to land a sale than one without any structure.

Optimized Product Images

The Problem had large, high-resolution, uncompressed product images, which was resulting in slow load time on all pages.

What We Did

Compressed and Optimized 100% of the Images, which led to faster loading pages and better user experience. (Google Loves Fast Websites)

Why We Did It

Speeding up the loading of a website enhances its chances for Search Engine Ranking, but it is also great for improving User Experience. The faster you can serve your information, the faster it is for a visitor to consume it and probably land you a sale. Simple Psychology.

“Load Time Impacts Your Bottom Line”

– Sean Work, Minister of Propaganda, Kissmetrics.

Read the full story.


Website Architecture Optimization

The Problem

Haphazard website architecture was not only making it difficult for search engine robots to crawl and index the page, but it was also increasing the bounce rates on the website, meaning more and more people were losing their way on the website, resulting in weak sales.

What We Did

We implemented advanced website architecture optimization on the website along with a smart Silo strategy, for organizing the main category and subcategory pages followed by the product pages.  The result:


A structured version of the Website appearing in search engines. Showing the most relevant and visited pages on the website directly in Google Search Engine Results Page.

Why We Did It

Google Robots love a well-organized site, and so do web surfers. Not only did a proper website architecture optimization impact the search engine rankings, but it also resulted in increased average time on website, which only meant more sales for our dear client.

This kind of Website Architecture Display in the Search Results Page is given by Google at its sole discretion to websites. That means Google loved the changes we made to (Thank you Google!).

Implemented Schema Markup

No schema markup was present for the Business Information of Even though Google doesn’t admit that Schema Markups are used as a ranking signal, we know for sure that they make a huge difference. Especially if you are aiming for Local Rankings.


Why We Did It

Correctly implement schema markups, not only help your listing stand out in Google Results, but they also increase the click through rate to your website and increase sales. Though the listing is available to both mobile and desktop users, it is even more beneficial for mobile users who are looking for your contact information on the go. Plus, they can also get directions to your physical location, which increases footfall in your store and offline sales as well.

Google doesn’t use rich data as a ranking signal today, but we are sure that it will in future. So it is always better to be prepared for the future.

Link Building Strategy

Seven of our most prominent SEO experts got together to create a Link Building Strategy for Our object was not merely to increase the links pointing to the Ecommerce Website, but to increase the overall Domain Authority and Page Authority of the website.

Here is what their backlink profile looked before we ran our campaign:


As can be clearly seen, they only had 4000 Backlinks from 56 Referring Domains. Our team made an outreach plan for to reach out to the most prominent websites, to establish a relationship with

Upon execution of our Link Building and Authority Building Campaign, this is what the Backlink Profile of looked like: backlinks

The backlink profile increased from 4K to 8K and referring domains went up from 56 to 213 with more than 22000 Keywords responsible for’s traffic from Search Engine.

Key Takeaway!

As we have already shown, was able to boost its traffic on the website from a mere 2500 Sessions to 25000 Sessions per day in a period of one month.

We put in effort into creating unique content and performing activities such as optimizing images, title tags, website silo, schema, link building, load-time, advanced architecture optimization and many more tweaks. And by implementing these rock solid strategies, we were able to take their business to a whole new dimension. 

So, what did the client have to say about our Work?

logoExtremeSEO puts its heart and soul into all the projects it handles. They got our job done as agreed and continue to provide support plus they have well trained staff to carry out these projects.

Shageevan Sachithanandan – CEO –

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