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Project details

Xiteb is a web design and development company from Sri Lanka – offering innovative design solutions. Their innovation comes from the cutting edge technologies applied by the subject matter experts.


As a web development, Social media company Xiteb’s website was quite well optimized in terms of on page SEO. Obviously, it should be as they are the leaders in web development. But they were lacking somewhere in Off Page. They were almost like confused in developing and implementing a successful off page strategy.

Strategy & Planning

Initial Analysis – When we took over this assignment; it was like a challenge. In our initial analysis we found that their backlinks were like scattered here and there without any focused strategically defined back linking campaign. Our first job was to organize everything, remove bad backlinks and then create new and targeted backlinks in order to achieve rankings.


Fueling the Process with our G Boost III Package – Well, it was the time to fuel the website’ ranking with our G Boost III package and later on we acquired highly relevant contextual link profiles from related blogs and link bait sources to keep backlink profile look natural. It worked like a charm and their long tail keyword ” Web Design & Development in Sri Lanka” was improved #16 page from #2 page within 25 days. Obviously, the traffic was result oriented that resulted in increased ROI.

Summarizing the Whole Process

  • Researched the backlink profile & developed an organized profile
  • Removed bad backlinks
  • Fueled up the whole process with our X Boost III Package
  • Drip feed the backlinks

 Project Started :  Jan 02, 2014      |    Result :  Feb 01, 2014 |   Contract Type : Public

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