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  • Date

     February 1, 2015

  • Client

     EU100TB Servers

  • Task

     Guaranteed Keyword Placement [Top 10]

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     Case Studies

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     Visit online

Goal & Strategy:

Increase organic search visibility of in Google SERP’s to attract site visitors and generate leads. We have created unique digital marketing strategy for client Eu100TB for make the website visible and accessible through search engine and show relevant and informational content.

Background of Company:

EU100TB have been providing affordable, top-notch and value-for-money hosting and connectivity services along with their trademark Level 10 Service. They operate 2 Data Centers Located in Netherlands and Germany. They are a motivated lot of techies who work hard with a motive of capturing the entire world market with their cost-effective solutions. Their competition lies against large corporate players who have a sturdier budget and better marketing tactics.

Challenges We Faced:

EU100TB did not have any overly saturated website issues and their website looked pretty well constructed but still they were lacking organic traffic due to zero visibility from Search Engines. It is a known fact that they are operating in one of the most competitive B2B Sectors where their competitors are the big fish in the ocean who have a turnover of more than a billion dollars.

Common Website Issues That We Found:

  • Non-targeted Title Tags
  • Website was not optimized for Search Engines
  • Website was not optimized for Local Search
  • Google Analytics Not Configured – Negligible Backlink Profile

After a bit of research we found that their present marketing tactics had very high cost of conversions per lead. This issue could easily be resolved with better Search Engine visibility.

What We Planned:

The primary task at hand was to reduce the cost per conversion of their website so we would have to implement a new focused keyword strategy which would include on-page optimization, in-depth keyword research, link building, niche search engine submission as well as targeting consumer forums and Q&A Websites.

SEO Keyword Research:

While doing the keyword research we waded through all of EU100TB’s content that was inaccessible to the search engines, researched big voles of data and analyzed the past 12 months of search and industry trends in the Dedicated Hosting Industry. Our researches helped us make decisions like whether we should target words like “Unmetered Server Netherlands” “Unmetered Server Netherlands” Unmetered Dedicated Servers Netherlands” or “Netherlands Unmetered Servers”

Data Analysis :

Through our research we found that our testing, data and analysis of the search patters that leading search engines like Google and Bing were treating such terms in diverse ways, so some terms that were good to go in Google seemed really insignificant in the numbers of queries they generated per month.

From then onwards we took more time in researching the organic role of each keywords. Trying to estimate which keywords was more like to get visitors to convert and through which keywords visitors wore merely looking for information. After collaborating with EU100TB team we came to a list of powerful keywords, two of which we have been able to rank in a period of 4 Months.

One of these keywords has given EU100TB 80% visibility from Google and another has given 21.2% visibility from Google.

Achievement As Of December 2014:

Rank Improvement:

  1. Netherlands Unmetered Server – Page 1 Rank 1 on Google
  2. Germany Unmetered Server – Rage 1 Rank 8 on Google

ROI & Traffic Improvement:

  1. 55% Reduction In Marketing Costs
  2. 400% Noticeable Increase In Organic Traffic

Fantastic Results :

We are continually working on an improved version of the EU100TB website along with their Keyword Placement Campaign and there is a gradual improvement in the results over these 20 December Days.

Current Rank Status:

increase organic search visibility

Compared to when we started – the EU100TB website was all fancy looking to the ordinary eye, but it was absolutely meaningless to the search engines and it wasn’t even present in the first 1000 ranks, but now two of the main keywords are already in the first page with more keywords lining up around the corner.

The Backlink Improvement :

We have created excellent backlink strategy for Eu100Tb website homepage and its subpages from highly relevant contextual link profiles from Web hosting, Technology related sites and Blog mentions.

Current Back Link Improvements:

Back link improvements


Reaction of EU100TB Team :

The EU100TB team is incredibly happy with the magnitude of our Keyword Campaign gains over these past few days. They are expecting a massive consumer drive and they have setup their live-chat assistance on-site. They claim that we have shown them a clever implementation of research-driven content strategy and optimization and made them understand the importance and benefits of Search Engine Visibility and On-page SEO.

The Lesson Learnt :

When you want to reach out to potential customers who are looking for your business, being on top of Search Engines is the most important thing, provided that you are able to showcase meaningful content and respectable services to the customers who organically reach your website.

 Project Started :  04, July 2013      |    Project Completed :  26, November , 2014 |  Contract Type : Public

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