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Project details

  • Date

     July 28, 2014

  • Client

     Aleeyas Pty Ltd

  • Task

     Link Removal Service

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     Case Studies

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The Client:

Aleeyas Sydney is an online store that sells perfectly styled handmade summer sandals which come with interchangeable jeweled uppers.


A beautifully developed eCommerce portal falls a prey for Panda and Penguin updates due to wrong and unorganized SEO done in past. Because of drastically dropped rankings they suffered a lot in getting enough visitors and conversions. Low conversion rates means drop in overall sales that means the portal is getting down day by day.

Crisis with the Portal

Actually, it was all because of unnatural looking backlink profile. Pattern and footprint are what an expert SEO keeps in mind always – he never leaves any particular pattern or footprint behind. But unfortunately, they faced:

  • Warning from Google – Google issued a warning (found on Manual Actions tab in Webmasters Tools) that their backlinks look suspicious and they should immediately take action regarding this issue.
  • Drop in Ranking – After being penalized they faced sharp drop in their website rankings that resulted in low traffic and grounded sales.
  • Unnatural Backlinks Profile – Aleeyas Sydney’s ecommerce portal couldn’t dodge the eyes of Google – Reason – Same pattern of backlinks that made the overall backlink profile unnatural.



Our Efforts (Steps to Solve the Crisis)

  •  To Recover the Portal and Roll Back its Original Position

Sharmeen Arain personally approached us. First of all, we immediately checked the message sent from Google on Manual Actions tab in Webmasters Tools. We handed over this task to our Disavow Team. Perhaps it may look easy, but really it’s highly focused and dedicated efforts to get rid of this Manual Actions penalty from Google. Here is what we did:

  • Research & Planning – Here our research was completely focused on each individual backlink (whether from same domain or different domains). We went through each and every backlink. We are using 8 premium tools for this task. Our Disavow Team extracted bad backlinks and then planned how to contact with each webmaster.
  • Contacting Each Individual Webmaster – Now we had all the details of bad backlinks; there were 188 backlinks from 67 different domains. Well, it was the time to find the contact details of each webmaster. We spent a good time in going through those domains and Whois lookup to find any contact of those webmasters. Then we sent a request mail to each webmaster individually requesting them to remove bad backlinks from their websites.
  • Preparing and Submitting Reports – Once we had the replies from the webmasters and evidences that how many of them had remove the backlinks we created the report to file with Google for reconsideration request. Additionally, we updated the Disavow File before filing the reconsideration request.
  • Improvement – Finally, we received the reply from Google after one month that they have removed the Manual Action Penalty after the submission of second reconsideration request.  


Aleeyas Sydney online store was a victim of Google Manual Actions Penalty and they were seeking some professionals to get rid of this problem. Mr. Sharmeen Arain contacted us for eliminating the penalty. Our approach:

  • Analyzing their backlinks profile.
  • Recognizing the bad backlinks.
  • Contact webmasters to remove those bad backlinks.
  • Updating disavow file and filing reconsideration request with Google.
  • On second reconsideration request we could successfully be able to revoke the penalty.

manual action penalty removal

 Client’s Feedback

“Amazing service. These guys submitted one reconsideration request for me 3 months back with evidence of link removal – Google responded after month only part of the manual action, they submitted a second recon request free of charge and now Google has removed all manual actions from my site!!!!”

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