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Acts as a catalyst of growth of the Sri Lankan IT and BPM industry by facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and by supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework.

Search Engine Optimisation along with the important SERP ratings is one of the main deciding factors for a website’s reach and popularity. It is impossible to propose a verdict based on a superficial outlook and requires a proper scrutiny to understand the website architecture or the outreach of the website.


SLASSCOM’s objective:

 The company provides a country branding along with popularised market access
 Focuses on increasing the revenues of the Sri Lankan software companies
 It tries to improve the member engagement and even finances the different sustained operations of the company
 Has several ties with the various government policies to engage in the several national policies and the different industrial targets

Deep Scan Report of SLASSCOM:


Analysis on the visitor engagement in the website:

Following a deep analysis of the website of SLASSCOM, we have concluded to some of the major setbacks in the website, some of which due to the architecture of the website and some other low footfalls due to the varying incapability of the prior SEO company that they were working with. We have assessed some of the sales figures and outreach of the company website only to find out some gaping loopholes that needed to be fixed to get this ship sailing again.

Upsetting SERP rankings

SERP rankings play a pivotal role in determining a website’s outreach and the same attribute for the SLASSCOM website was next to none due to the improper use of keywords and lack of proper website architecture.

Backlink Profile

Yet another drawback was the broken backlink profile which can be blamed upon the previous SEO Company that they were working with. The website was full of non-converting and low authority content sources which was the main backdrop for the failed backlinks.

ahrefs ranking

Page Speed Insights


Pitiful page loading speed

This is one of the major setbacks of the website that we found out after our analysis. The website is filled with numerous broken links along with a number of coding errors which in turn affected the loading time of the page and made the website a lot slower which is one of the primary reasons why the outreach of the website is so low.

 page loading speed of slasscom
Lack of proper website architecture

Another faulty reason for the lag in the outreach and the popularity of the website is the improper website architecture. The website had increased amount of bounce rates which is one of the reasons for the lack in sales.

Low quality content

The content posted in the website was found to be bland and not that attention seeking which was the result of the fewer number of clicks.

A faulty User Interface

The user interface of the website was yet another downfall which kept the traffic at a bare minimum. There was not a proper link to the contents or even a properly sectioned area for the visitors to view the contents straightaway. The entire User Interface was a lot bland and lacking that extra kicks to make it stand out in the crowd.

slasscom website

Lack of proper backlinks

SLASSCOM is one of the leading companies in the IT and the BPM industry but the company website had little to no relevant backlinks from the several other authoritative sources. The lack of brand mentions is yet another lagging reason for the failure of the website to reach the target audience.

lack of proper backlinks

solutions for slasscom

Our detailed analysis of the SLASSCOM website gave us a clear picture of the possible setbacks and loopholes which were exactly the places that we have focused and worked on to better it. The website was gradually declining day by day and also has a diminishing line of sales figure and a lack of proper social development and the outreach. We assured them to leave all the problems with us and focus on their offline business strategies while we fixed the online outreach of the website.

serps ranking of slasscom

Page Speed Insights


Reconstruction of the website architecture and proper coding

The tools that we used for the complete analysis of the SLASSCOM website were the Crazy Egg HeatMap tool, Kissmetrics and the Google Analytic goals. After our detailed analysis, the entire website was revamped and there was a complete transformation in the website architecture. New “Call to Action” buttons were added and the broken backlink profiles were fixed and properly linked. The entire coding system of the website was rechecked and all the coding errors were corrected. The refurbished website had the perfect look, appeal and content which it lacked priorly.

website architecture and proper coding

Proper mending of the backlink acquisition

The backlink profile of the website was poorly done and was one of the major setback reasons for the failure of the website as found out in our scan. We tried to focus on the link acquisition segment of the website and got rid of all the broken backlinks and tried to acquire new links from several of the authoritative sources and this helped a lot in improving the link velocity of the website.

backlink acquisition

 keyword analysis status
Change in the outlook and layout of the website

The layout of the website was yet another disaster and we worked on it to not just improve the efficiency and link velocity but also make the website look appealing and out of the box. This is one of the primary areas that helped us increase the outreach of the website because generally the appealing layout along with a reconstructed website was enough to draw the attention of the target audience.

Social media outreach

The website was really lacking in the social media management which was one of the major reasons for the failed SERP ratings of the website. We took it to our hands to mend the social media reach of the website and create the buzz around the name of SLASSCOM. Our tactics gained them a huge number of social media recognition and a huge fan following in several of the social media platforms. The name of the company was talked around globally and our job was successfully done. The buzz started spreading and people who started using SLASSCOM even recommended it to their friends and the cycle just went on.

The UI after the reconstruction

Any person with fully functional eyes would not miss out on the fact that the entire user interface of the page was not just enhanced but simplified as well. The entire UI was reconstructed to make the visitors focus more on the content and that too with a very easier approach. The different parts of the websites were sectioned properly to make it a lot less complex and look a lot cleaner.

slasscom strategy document 2016


As per the analytics that have been viewed from Piwik, the daily visits were numbered around 10,985 visits from which 2858 visits were frequent returning visits. The page views amounted to over 33,645 views including around 92 total searches of the website on the search engines. They might not be the best figures but are definitely improving numbers after the proper analysis and reconstruction.

slasscom analytics

SERP and Traffic stats

Not just the page speed insights and the UI, the SERP listings along with the traffic on the website gained a good kick after the reconstruction. The SERP listings gradually began climbing up the list and even the numbers of visitors are increasing with each passing day. The numbers are increasing and the website is gaining all the necessary traffic that it lacked priorly.

Remarkable Results

We assessed the entire website and the user behaviours following our analysis and reconstruction and the results spoke volumes. The increase in the outreach and the clicks were a clear sign of the growing popularity of the website. The website also had the least bounce rates along with an increased page loading speed.

The pagespeed current increased from 44% to 85% along with a drastic increase in the bounce rate of the website. There are still a bit of problem and uncertainties about the mobile speed which we are currently working on to better the situation.

website remake using seo

Client Feedback

slasscom logo

SLASSCOM was high appreciative of our work and saw the difference in front of their eyes. We are now given the sole responsibility of their social media management along with the Search Engine Optimisation.
Start Date: 23.03.2015 Result: 12.09.2015

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