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Vivacious Corporation (VivCorp) provides business and technology consulting services for small to mid-sized organizations worldwide. Officially established in 2012 by a team of business and technology experts with over 20 years of industry experience.

We provide small businesses with cost-effective cloud-based technology solutions tailored to specific budgets and needs. We analyze long-term goals and short-term objectives and help achieve them through integrated information management solutions.

Scope: –

  • Increase their traffic

VIV Source has been in business since 2012, but it was towards the end of the last year that they decided to make a professional website for their business. Their website was created in December 2015.

After the inception of their website, they realized that they were not getting significant footfall or conversions from their online presence. Upon checking their website from various devices, they found that Broken Website Layout, Slow Website Load time, Bad Architecture were only a few of the Visual cues that justified why things were not working according to plan.

They were sure that there is more to the situation that meets the eye, so they contacted us to Inspect and Identify the problems associated with their website.

Upon the first contact, our executives took no time to Audit their Landing Page and prepare a detailed report of Good and Bad things about their site, which was cause the weak traffic and conversions.

We explained to them what the problems were that needed to be dealt with and suggested the WordPress Ultimatum Package since their website was relatively new and had tons of backend errors.

They had the following questions:

  1. Should we raise a support ticket with our Web Developers, if the website they have made has so many errors in the backend?
  2. Do we need to completely change the site as this one seems to have too many errors?

Our Customer Relation Executive explained to them that Web Developers are not to blame for all the things that need to be done to tweak the website. Individual errors in Codes that we had found after W3C HTML Validation could have been avoided, but most of the work is to be done by the SEO Team. And this requires knowledge of SEO Features and Augmentations that Web Developers don’t have.

Secondly, there is no Error-free website. A website can never have a 100% Quality Score in SEO or Web Development Audit due to quite a few factors, which need in-depth explanation. Sometimes the result that you are trying to achieve maybe conflicting with certain predominant rules, which requires you to overlook them. So there was no need to revamp the website completely. Our team would work on enhancing the existing landing page and making the necessary tweaks and augmentations that help optimize the website for better usability.

Before the execution of the WordPress Ultimatum Package, our Web Development Audit Team and SEO Audit Team had to do the following tasks:

  • WordPress SEO Audit
  • Search Engine Optimization Audit
  • Loading Speed Analysis Audit
  • Conversion Analysis Audit
  • Site Architecture Audit
  • Content Structure Audit
  • W3C HTML Validation
  • Yoast SEO Audit
  • And some advanced inspections, which are beyond the scope of this Case Study

As for the implementation, we have broken the process down into three parts:

  • The ProblemWhich in this case was an Unoptimized WordPress Website
  • What We DidThe Step we took to optimize the website and increase traffic and retention
  • Why We Did ItWhy we implemented those steps

This will help you clearly understand some of the changes we made to the website to optimize it for more traffic.

One of the main problems that were killing the website traffic of VIV Source was the crazy load time. Before the optimization, the Landing Page was loading in around 12 Seconds. Take a look at the below screenshot from GTMetrix.

12.6 Seconds to Load the Website?

Isn’t this enough to explain why their traffic and sales had become stagnant?

Load Time Impacts Your Bottom Line. 

– Sean Work, Minister of Propaganda, Kissmetrics.

Read the full story.

When visiting any website, an average visitor doesn’t have the patience to wait for more than 3 minutes for the site to load. Leave that aside – Would you wait for 12 Seconds for a website to load on your mobile or desktop browser?

No, right?

The website needed a serious retouch, framework and security strengthening, on-page optimization, page speed optimization and more to come on track.

This is what we did…

Title Tag Optimization

The Problem

Most of the Title Tags were long and unprofessionally written, which made the website lose credibility in Search Engines.

What We Did

Upon studying their website in details, our content development team came to a conclusion that they needed short and abrupt Title Tags for all their pages. So we implemented a very simple Title Tag Tweak across their website, that gave their entire site a Simple and Professional Feel.

improve wordpress seo

Why We Did It

We wanted to have a professional outlook in the search engines. Having short and concise Titles would separate them from their competitors and ensure Higher Click Through Rate for their websites, from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Optimized All Images

The Problem had very High-resolution, and large, un-optimized images, which was one of the major factors contributing to the 12.6 Seconds Load time on the website.

What We Did

Our Content Optimization Team took responsibility for all the pages and divided them equally between three people. Then they proceeded to Compress, Optimize or Edit all the images on the website, which dramatically improved the load time of the pages.

Why We Did It

There is no reason not to. Speeding up the load time of a website is said to positively impact, search engine rankings, click-through rates and also increase visitor retention. After all, your audience is prone to consuming information if you can deliver it in less time.

Configured Analytics for Social Profiles

The Problem

None of the Social Profiles for VivSource where connected in Google Analytics, which was the primary reason for inaccurate data about their Traffic from various Social Media Sources.

What We Did

We integrated their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram Profiles into their Google Analytics Account. Now, this would give them asynchronous data about how much traffic they received in their Social Profiles, and how much traffic out of that funneled into their website.

viv_source_google analytics

Why We Did It

Plugging the Social Profiles into their Google Analytics would give them greater insights into which Channels were performing best for their business, what kind of traffic they were experiencing on what days and Which of their Social Media Campaigns were landing them more sales. This would allow them to isolate and laser focus their marketing budget on the best performing channel.

Integrated Structured Data

The Problem

In September 2015, Google hinted that it would be adding Structured Data to Ranking Algorithm very soon. Over the past few months, we are seeing more websites with Structured Markup and Schema gaining more popularity in Search Results Pages. VIVSource didn’t have these markups.

What We Did

Our SEO Team integrated the proper structured data markup in,

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Then we tested the Structured Data, with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to verify the markup that we placed.

Google’s _Structured Data _Testing Tool

We marked VIVSource as an organization

Why We Did It

Structured Data helps Search Engines to understand what your website is all about, and what kind of content you share, thereby helping it to display your site to the right web surfers who matter for your business. Implementing Structured Data Markup is not only said to give a ranking boost to websites that implement it, but it is also meant to improve Click Through Rates and Time-on-website from organic searches.

Website Architecture Optimization

The Problem

The site navigation was poor, which led to higher bounce rates and less visitor retention. Not only was the architecture poorly formatted, but it also made it difficult for search engine robots to crawl the pages.

Website Architecture Optimization

As you can see from the picture above, the flow of users from one page to the other was centered on the home page alone, and there were receiving close to negligible traffic from their target market, that is the United States.

What We Did

Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Team implemented website architecture optimization and organized the site into a fine tuned map. All the categories and subcategories were neatly assigned. The result:

Google _analytics

They received 1.5K Unique Visitors from their Target market in the United States in a month. The traffic was evenly distributed throughout their website, which only meant reduced bounce rates, more time spent on the website and more sales for VIV Source.

Why We Did It

To make things easier for the search engines and humans, of course. A better navigation makes web surfing less of a hassle and more fun for visitors because they can easily navigate around the website and find things they came for. User Experience is one of the most important things to take into consideration when designing a website.

E-commerce Goals Setup

The Problem

There was no sign of E-commerce Goals on the site, which practically makes it impossible to monitor your conversions and ROI from their marketing spend.

What We Did

Our Project Leader had a discussion with VIVSource representative about their tentative business goals and their average sale value and then proceeded to do the following:

Setup Ecommerce Funnel KPI Labels for the following pages, Prices, Services, Solutions, Free Trial and Get Quote:



Structure Conversion Value and Analytics Tracking for Prices Page

ViV Source Structure Conversion


Set up Conversion Tracking for The Page “Get A Quote.”

ViV Source Structure Conversion


Structure Conversion Value for Sales Marketing Page

Sales of Marketing Page


Setup Conversion Value for Virtual Assistance Page

Setup Conversion Value for Virtual Assistance Page

In total we created 4 Different Analytics Goals for VIVSource so that they could measure the effectiveness of their website from various traffic channels:

4 Different Analytics Goals for VIVSource

Why We Did This

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that gives analytical insights about visitors that you are getting, along with other critical visitor behavior information that is valuable to the success of your business. You can optimize your marketing campaign budget, and get key insights into factors like:

  • How Many Visitors Converted into Leads?
  • How Many Visitors Opted for Trial Signups?
  • How Many Visitors Were Interested in Getting a Quote?
  • How Many Visitors Downloaded the Ebook You Had on Offer?
  • And How Many Visitors Bought Your Service

Being able to measure such things can give you critical information to understand where your marketing budget is going. For example: If VIVSource ran a Facebook Campaign with a $500 Budget for their Virtual Assistance Page. They would be able to measure how much traffic they got from the Facebook Campaign alone, along with critical information like, the number of conversions they had, and they number of people who clicked on the link and left the page without converting. Such information can further allow a business to make necessary changes to their website or offer to get more conversions and increase their ROI from Marketing Spend.

The Results Were Outstanding


VIV Source reported a massive surge in Traffic after our WP Ultimate Optimization Ended. Though it is nothing close to the benefits of Enterprise Search Optimization, our team was able to bring VIVSource from negative to the positive ROI zone within just a period of 30 Days.

Take a look at the Google Page Speed Test after the Optimization:

Google Page Speed Test

Compared to the pathetic 12.6 Seconds load time the website was experiencing before our rescue team took control, VIVSource now loaded in less than 4 Seconds with a PageSpeed Insights Score of 81/100 compared to the earlier 10/100.

Key Takeaway

As a result of the WordPress Audit, Loading Speed Analysis, SEO Analysis, Conversion Analysis, Content Architecture Audit and Site Architecture Audit, our Enterprise Optimization Team was able to deduce the problems that were preventing VIVSource from being able to reach their milestones and scale their business.

After the full optimization, their Website Load Time Decreased, Bounce Rate Too Decreased, Click Through Rates Decreased, which only meant more visitors and more retention for their business. They were able to see practically, which part of their Sales Funnels needed improvement, which marketing goals were being met at what budget and more essential information that allows them to keep expanding in the online realm.

Feedback from logo
Extremely satisfied with the work done. Completed the project of optimizing the company website in a timely and a professional manner.

Indika Ratnayake

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