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Content development is not what it used to be 5 years ago. With the ever changing Google Algorithm’s it is becoming increasingly important to devise content that not only pacifies the search engines but also appeals to its audience. Our exceptionally creative team of USA based writers are able to conjure content for humans, not just for search engines. These writers have worked for the most reputable online icons in the form of Journalists, Editors and Bloggers. They will fabricate content that slides through the brain and reaches the heart of your audience.

C ontent is the be all and end all of the internet, today. It is vital for making your brand reachable through the vast façade of the Search Engine guidelines. Extreme-SEO believes in scaling success by the ability of a brand to provide its consumers with significant and engaging content. This content will gradually convert the brands hard earned investments into profits that know no boundaries. Our well-researched strategies will give you an imbalanced edge over your competitors. Have a discussion with our content-gurus on how to scale the performance of your business beyond all science, today.  

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Any content that misses to resonate in the mind of the reader – is ‘fail’ content. Present day, people love content that has value for their time, which gives them something back in return for the time spent on reading it. People are bound to engage in discussions or share that content which delivers great insight or strums their emotional chords.  Our strategists devise content that is highly researched, informative and induces a strong feeling or emotion in your target audience.

  • Writer Filtering SystemOur writers are under constant evaluation by a star rating system which keeps track on their past performance and customer reviews.
  • Authoritative Content – Gone are the days of ghost writing, you can pay a bit more to get the credibility of our writers Google+ Authorship along with your content. 
  • Optimized for Humans – Our USA based writers fabricate content for humans first, before they induce LSI intelligence tactics to keep Search Engines happy.
  • Unique and Copyrights – You will receive content that is 100% Copyscape passed. After your approval a final copy will be sent to you along with full Copyrights.   
  • Fast Turnaround Time –  Our writers will develop content in quick TAT for clients who really need the work done at the earliest without compromising the quality. 


Professional content writing services in Flexible Rate

Our creative copywriters will combine the right words with exclusive branding and relentless persuasion to arm your customers with the apt information to make a flawless decision about purchasing your products time and time on end. Creative content does not only focus on the right elements of SEO, but it is designed to capture your brand and product stories to make your customers feel connected to your products, share the stories which strike an emotion and develop a firm belief on your products.

The content our writers will fabricate will use language to form a relationship with your products and yours customers will in turn use it spread your message through their social connections. A aptly written article can spin magic amongst your audience and form a never ending grapevine of your brand’s voice.

Our writers don’t mindlessly writer articles related to your niche, they will conjure copies which will resonate the voice of your target audience. Let your message be heard through our creative copywriting services, as today, it is in the hand of your audience to cast a vote on what’s important to them and reflect it by sharing the copy, bookmarking it or linking it through their social media profiles.

Branded Content is the new fad in creative content writing. Major MNC’s and Fortune 1000 companies are reverting to branded content for their websites to attract and retain the attention of their audience. Content is king of the digital marketing world, but most businesses are not natural publishers and lack the proper know-how to develop winning content that is not only attractive but highly sharable on the social network. If you need branded content for your own business or for your client, our quality-centric and experienced creative writers will conjure persuasive content strategies that resonate in the mind of your customers.

Our writes can furnish superior content irrespective of your niche or industry. They will turn your ideas into the most strategic branded content to outpace your competitors in the race of online dominance.

As soon as you order your branded content, an Extreme-SEO Project Manager will get in touch with you to collect a detailed brief of your requirements, desired length, style and the kind of audience you want to tap with that content. Our editorial team will maintain a smooth communication with you throughout the course of the project.

Amongst all the creative writing services, Curated Content will add a punch to your content development strategies. These articles not only bring along the in-depth research and fancy words from our creative copywriting services, but they add an element of authority to your articles by at least quoting two or more excerpts from authority sources within your niche.

Curated content will not only show your brands expertise in the field, but it will also portray your brand’s interactivity and sociability between your brand and other’s in the same niche. Curation draws long tail keywords rankings for your traffic, and you can capitalize on this opportunity by covering curated content on hot and trending topics in your niche. Well-curated content is also more likely to be shared on other blogs with your reference, thereby increasing your reach and popularity.

A properly planned curated content strategy will grow your site into an authority website in no time. Our writers can not only curate text, but also videos, galleries, slideshows, viral social content and the latest and trending news custom-made to you niche.

When you think about product reviews, the first things that come to your mind are products, services, books, movies, restaurants etc. Even though these maybe the chief categories for Product Review writing services, our exceptionally adept writers can break all barriers of these palpable choices and write Product Reviews about anything.

You can use Product Reviews in your websites, newsletters, publications, blogs, ezines and other promotional bundles. These highly persuasive and compelling product reviews will give an honest edge about the products to your target audience by highlighting the chief attributes of the products and curtailing the negatives (if any) by offering solutions to sidestep them.

We have a team of 16+ incredibly creative Product Review writers who have demonstrated their skillset in the past by fabricating some of the most sensational Product Reviews for our clients.

You can get your own products reviewed by our writers or you can get reviews done for the products of your clients. Our writers will create your product reviews in record time in most affordable industry standard rates.

If you are looking for well researched content that oozes of the authority of a writer over a particular niche – our Authority Writing Services will best suit your needs. You can get these articles placed on your website or your client’s website or even have them spread across your distribution networks.

Even though the recent Google algorithmic changes have made a few amendments to Google+ Authorship, the search engine is still prioritizing Authority websites in its Search Engine Result Page. To rank a website on Google, Bing and other popular search engines, it is incredibly important to have a wide and larger website with lots of authority content.

The More Authority Content pages you have on your website, the higher will be its chances to dominate the search-oriented customers of world, today. Authoritative pages help you get more long-tail keywords results ranking.

Please note that there is a difference between Authoritative Content and heavy researched content for College Thesis and Whitepapers. Though we have authoritative writers for most niches, they are not experts in all fields. They will conduct hefty research, but some details are always beyond the scope of their writing skills.

With the Extreme-SEO creative writing services, getting a Press Release done just got a whole lot easier. No more giving your work to low quality content farms who get your Press Releases written by inefficient and unprofessional writers. We have a team of 20+ highly dedicated Press Release writers who will fabricate content that will be the eye candy of journalists in your niche.

Press Release writing is the most integral and overlooked aspect of any content development strategy. The quality of your Press Release could draw the line between capturing or repelling prospective leads for your business. Our team of Journalist Press Release writers has created stories, advertisement materials, speeches and more for many Fortune 1000 companies and their likes.

There is no need to worry about the distribution of the Press Release as we have handpicked the most superior providers possible in the online distribution network to make the best of your investments. After you have placed the order, the ball is in our court and we will take care of the complete distribution process. Just order a Press Release plan, sit back and relax, as our editorial team will take care of the writing and distribution of your PR.

According to our research businesses that maintain a Blog have 57% more visitors and 110% more inbound links and 240% more indexed pages. Creative Content writing for blogs is the core of social sharing today. We believe that there is no greater way than boosting visibility and reach, than blogs, for creating consumer magnetism, building loyalty and generating leads of sales.

We have a team of 15+ experienced and dedicated bloggers and writers who will not only furnish ‘click-worthy’ content for your blogs but will also directly post to your blog at your will. They will conjure a blog post specifically designed for your needs, keeping in mind the level so SEO needed to rank your post in the search engines. Our blog posts will be creatively written along with attractive titles, in-depth answer to consumer queries and problems – Just the right blend, to keep your readers captivated and wanting for more.

Our writers will provide you with influential, entertaining and captivating blogs that are written keeping your content strategies in mind. This is one of the best way of ranking and preventing your website from getting outranked by other competitors on Google, Bing and other important search engines.

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