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Magento is a supercharged yet scalable eCommerce platform, best suited for businesses which have online stores. In spite of the platform being SEO friendly, it has an exceedingly complex infrastructure, the customization of which is best left in the hands of an expert.

O ur specialization in Magento means we have a thorough understanding of the complications, new and even expert webmasters might face when optimizing their eCommerce Platform with Magento, as well as how to overcome these complications. Our past clients are testaments of our prowess in Magento, Sales Conversion, Social and even Local customization. The In-house Magento team will assist you throughout the project, giving invaluable advice on site architecture or conducting keyword research to advise on categorization, until your entire eCommerce Platform is affluent and correctly running.

Why make the move to Magento?

An online store, which is not properly customized, does not only throw your website into the Internet abyss, but it also signifies the waste of priceless time and investments. Making an online store only to let it rot in one corner of the internet and accumulate dust is worse than not taking any initiative at all. If you want your Online store to become visible on Search Engines and Social Media, the one and only route to success in Magento. There are other alternatives as well, but Magento cannot be replaced by any other platform.

  • Magento Site Audit – Avail the in-depth SEO breakdown and counsel for your Magento store from proficient Magento, Google Analytics and SEO Authorities.
  • Strategic Optimization Plan – Constructing a Magento website, which delivers a fast shopping experience, is essential for maximizing your Returns on Investment.
  • On-page and Off-page SEO – Optimizing your website for better search engine crawlability and acquiring back-links through strategic reputation management.

Magento Is Irreplaceable CMS For Your Business

Where most webmasters go wrong is they forget to draw the line between traditional WordPress SEO and Magento SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not like a single solution to all problems; it is just the base on which the unique problems of companies can be resolved. It will be an exorbitant mistake to make if you choose a “generic” SEO, for optimizing your eCommerce Website. Extreme-SEO is predominantly adept in dealing with Magento websites and our employees carry 4+ years of experience in serving satisfaction to our eCommerce Clients.

With more than 200+ ranking signals in Google’s arsenal, it becomes increasingly difficult for one person to handle the SEO of your company. It is high time companies should understand that SEO is not a one man job; it requires a team approach. Hiring our Magento SEO Services, you will have access to our entire team of professional Megento optimizers who will ensure that all your milestones are reached one after the other. We take a more practical and upfront approach to SEO and ensure that you can take the back seat at “relaxing-bay” when our employees work in a chord to deliver value and respectable returns on your investment.

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