Security Protocol

Extreme SEO Internet Solutions values your privacy and takes Security Measures seriously. However, data transmission and storage over the Internet is not 100% secure. The following measures are applied by Extreme SEO Internet Solutions to protect all information. Please Visit the Extreme SEO Internet Solutions Security Center for additional information on ways to reduce the risk of Security Breach when online.

Extreme SEO Internet Solutions continue to evaluate and implement changes periodically to the Security Measures and Technology. However, we can only take steps to reduce chances of unauthorized access. Every individual visiting our website needs to perform some basic duties that warrant safety and reduce chances of a security breach. In the pages of the Extreme SEO Internet Solutions Security Center, we describe some of the basic steps that can be taken, to safeguard against such incidences.

Security Steps We Have Taken

  • SECURE SOCKET LAYER (SSL) – Extreme SEO Internet Solutions uses “ Comodo EV SSL” (Extended validated Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transferring certain kinds of sensitive information, such as payment information and financial services information. During SSL transactions (which involve credit cards or other forms of payments) browsers will have a padlock icon near the bottom. Extreme SEO will only ask for your credit card number on the website and it will be under SSL encryption. The information provided under SSL protected browser will be securely stored on our servers. In case you wish to store the credit-card information on our servers, it will never be displayed in its full length, in case you want to view it in future. The entire number will be covered with asterisks and only the first four or the last four digits will be revealed.
  • SECURITY KEY – The Extreme SEO Internet Solutions Security Key is an optionally addable layer of security for access control to sensitive information on the Extreme SEO Internet Solutions servers. Users of Extreme-SEO Internet Solutions Wallet / Money Manager are required to create a Security Key during the sign-up process or when you purchase certain products that require the aforementioned services. The Security Key automatically times-out in one hour and the user is required to re-log in order to gain access to Security Key Safeguarded Areas.
  • SECURE STORAGE – Extreme SEO Internet Solutions maintains judicious physical, electronic and procedural precautions that comply with federal regulations to protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
  • VENDORS AND PARTNERS – All vendors and partners of Extreme SEO Internet Solutions are legally bound to protect the sensitive data of our users.
  • EMPLOYEE / CONTRACTOR ACCESS TO INFORMATION – The PPI of our users are only made available to those employees and contractors who we deem absolutely fit for the information. Only those employees / contractors may use your information to either convey important messages or deliver our services.
  • EMPLOYEE EDUCATION AND TRAINING – All employees of Extreme SEO Internet Solutions are periodically trained and educated about the latest security measures being inculcated by our company to keep the sensitive information of our users safe.

Third Party Data and Security Verification:

  1. PCI Compliance Report – A-EP
  2. Comodo EV , HackerGuardian
  4. Malware and Security Audit
  5. Virus Total Scan Report
  6. Serverside SSL Report