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Even though most eMarketers understand the importance of Social Media, they lack the necessary zeal or expertise to devise effective social media strategies. Our social media consultancy services are built to bridge the gap between this ignorance and helplessness of the brands. Our expert consultants will be the eyes, ears and voice for your organization. They will open the floodgates to maximum ROI, only possible through the Social Media Network.

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Even a newbie in the eMarketing world would know that Social Media is one of THE important things for running an effective marketing campaign. The past few years have seen the Social landscape change rapidly and present-day, it is more dynamic than ever. Our consultants will provide you with necessary brand in-sights, social media management and social media action plans to make your reach your goals.

What’s Your Goal in Social-verse? – A few online Social Media Consultants consider ‘community’ to be the biggest prize. Even though, that calls for a great start but for a business organization it could also mean an abrupt ending. If your company is solely focused on sales, traffic and brand awareness, there is a high chance of you losing track of your primary objectives, midway.

Twitter And Facebook Are Only A Start - Consultants are aware of the best platforms for individual businesses. For example, if you’re a professional fashion designer and your consultant does not talk to you about Polyvore, you should consider opting for a better consultancy service.

Don’t Worry About Your Follower Count - Companies are concerned about visibility and the number of current followers on social media. However, what most clients fail to grasp is that ‘Like this Page on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” ad campaigns fail to draw in genuine customers. Companies should focus on genuine influencers such as professional bloggers, celebrities and active tweeters, who could help spread the word.


Problem evaluating the worth of your social media strategy? We will help you design a result-oriented social media action plan that fits your budget..


Understand how to monitor the social media presence of your Company by tracking conversations, engagement and your competitors actions.


Put your current social media strategy on a weighing scale, make improvements or implement a completely new strategy to draw your milestones closer.


Just looking for a sundry advice on social media? No problem. We mentor your social media managers, they do the intricate work themselves.

We are eager to help you with your In-house Business Challenges – be it connecting your staffs through a social network or planning a social enrollment strategy – we got ‘Everything-Social’ covered.
Custom Social Media Action Plans According To Business Model

Social Media is a dynamic field and an intricate one at that. Every business has its own model and it is vital to engage in one-v-one conversation to understand its requirements and goals.A Social Media strategy that has worked for a Server Hosting company will never work for an “Online Bookstore.” What we mean to say is, there is no predesigned package for Social Media. The crux of all Social Media strategists is to chalk out a unique campaign, which fits into the client’s corporate motives. The Extreme-SEO Social Media Consultants will conduct an audit of your Social Presence along with the analysis of your competitors and reach a stable end-strategy or an action plan for how to integrate new opportunities and turn conversations into conversions through your Social profiles.

Social Media Coaching For Small Businesses

As we keep stressing repeatedly about how Social Media is a robust platform, it is ever changing, and with it, its functionalities change as well. If you devise a Social Media strategy for your present, it is not a guarantee that the same is going to work after a month in your best benefits. It is important to keep a Social Media Action Plan running, but what is even more important is to fine-tune the plan from time to time to segregate the things that are working and those that stop working.

Our Social Media consultants will be your periodic mentors to conduct an audit of your present situation and advise you on what tweaks can be made to your existing action plans to make them work. This will not only serve as an enhancement to your existing strategy but it will also be a coaching session for your in-house Social Media managers as they can learn and improve with our tricks of the trade. Small and Intermediate businesses which cannot reach our existing Social Media Optimization packages can always opt for this service.

Social Media Training For Large Enterprises

After the Extreme-SEO team completes their SMO campaigns on your Social Profiles, proper execution of any future strategy relies in the hands of your employees who will manage your Social Media. For them to cope up with the advanced implementation and tracking of Social Media strategies, we have coaching sessions which will help them understand the best methods to utilize platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Google+, Twitter and YouTube to attain your corporate milestones. Extreme-SEO Internet Solutions conducts various training workshops where hundreds of attendees learn about how to leverage Social Media to make the most unbelievable business objectives seem real.

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