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It is the policy of Extreme SEO Internet Solutions (“Extreme-SEO” or “Company”) to respect the intellectual property of others and to respond to legal notices of alleged violation of copyrighted material where (i) the copyrighted material is accessible at, or from, a website controlled or operated by or for Extreme-SEO or where (ii) Extreme-SEO, by providing or using an information location tool, such as directory, reference, index, hyperlink text, pointer, links or refers a third party to a site that contains the copyrighted content/information.

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  • The company is registered in Sri Lanka as a Limited Liability Company.
  • Registration Number – PV 66853
  • The company is registered by the “Department of Registrar of Companies, Sri Lanka,” under “The companies Act, No.7, 2007,” pursuant to Section 5.
  • Registered Address – Shree Vengadeshwaraa Networks (P) LTD, 146B, Goodshed Road, Vavuniya, LK, 43000.
  • Brand Name – Extreme SEO Internet Solutions
  • It is wholly owned and operated by Shree Vengadeshwaraa Networks (P) LTD.

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